This PSD Reveals What Every Photoshop Adjustment Layer Does via Curves

Want to see what Photoshop’s adjustment layers are actually doing to your photos in terms of curves? There’s an easy new way to do so.

Photo Show Tomorrow!

Hey folks, if you have a chance, happen to be in Brooklyn and you want to see my latest work printed on wood and aluminum, stop by RAW Grandeur, at The Wick, 260 Meserole St in Bushwick Brooklyn! Hope to see you there!

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Carcosa is an ancient lost city of long shadows just on the edge of the map. It’s been referenced for over a hundred years by a variety of authors, and these are some of the strange creatures who lived there.


This vegetarian now has an apartment full of feathers, skulls, skeletons, teeth, bones, claws and butterfly wings. It’s gotten surreal.