This PSD Reveals What Every Photoshop Adjustment Layer Does via Curves

Want to see what Photoshop’s adjustment layers are actually doing to your photos in terms of curves? There’s an easy new way to do so.

The Suffers on The Daily Show

The Suffers on The Daily Show

The Suffers were on the Daily Show on Tuesday, February 9. Sometimes I’m on the floor and I have a pretty decent vantage point.


Setting up a sheep so Jessica Williams can pull a dozen roses out of its coolie.

Photo Show Tomorrow!

Hey folks, if you have a chance, happen to be in Brooklyn and you want to see my latest work printed on wood and aluminum, stop by RAW Grandeur, at The Wick, 260 Meserole St in Bushwick Brooklyn! Hope to see you there!

Raw Flyer



Water droplet photography

Because of the limited shooting space I have, I’m constricted to shooting tiny setups. Instead of bemoaning this, I’m trying to make it work for me…thus: butterflies, skulls, feathers. Water seems like something I could do in a similarly small space as well. This is just a place for me to easily store some links for the future. Christmas is coming, after all:


StopShot Studio Water Drop Photography Kit

StopShot Cross Beam Kit

SplashArt kit at

The Mumford Time Machine

Phototrigger flickr group

SplashArt MKII Quick Start Guide / Instructions

How to Shoot a Liquid Flow

How to get started in water drop photography

 Corrie White on flickr

Corrie White “Fun With Water”

New Subject...photographing butterflies

Shooting feathers has been lots of fun as well as very educational for me. I had found a bunch of places to buy them and had found a few new relationships as a result of meeting people who had feathers they were willing to lend to me in order to photograph.

In the course of looking on Etsy, I found a shop selling butterfly wings. I bought a dozen and played around with them, then decided I wanted to buy a couple whole insects. I did, but didn’t realize I was buying dried, unmounted butterflies, which come like this:










And look like this when you open them:














Pretty, right? But there’s a problem. They stay like that. They’re dried and stiff. So I shot a bunch of stuff like that, I’ll be posting them here as I clean them up. But then I figured I needed to learn how to “mount” them, that is somehow spread them out and re-dry them in a position that’s more usable to me.

So, I found some videos on youtube, and off I went…