New Subject...photographing butterflies

Shooting feathers has been lots of fun as well as very educational for me. I had found a bunch of places to buy them and had found a few new relationships as a result of meeting people who had feathers they were willing to lend to me in order to photograph.

In the course of looking on Etsy, I found a shop selling butterfly wings. I bought a dozen and played around with them, then decided I wanted to buy a couple whole insects. I did, but didn’t realize I was buying dried, unmounted butterflies, which come like this:










And look like this when you open them:














Pretty, right? But there’s a problem. They stay like that. They’re dried and stiff. So I shot a bunch of stuff like that, I’ll be posting them here as I clean them up. But then I figured I needed to learn how to “mount” them, that is somehow spread them out and re-dry them in a position that’s more usable to me.

So, I found some videos on youtube, and off I went…