Sambal Oelek Update....the final week!

Ok, so I had a snag and a slowdown due to forgetfulness and working places that weren’t my regular studio (where I keep a jar). But fear not! The final week finds me down to just two full 1.2lb jars to consume. I purchased the 8.5 jug of @huyfongfoods Sambal Oelek on May 4th(ish, maybe May 3), so I still have a few days left.

Sambal Oelek update pt 2

As you may know, I bought an 8.5lb jar of @huyfongfoods Sambal Oelek chili paste this past weekend, and thought I might be able to finish the whole thing in a month.

A few of my friends want to see semi-regular updates, so here’s one. Pictured are both 1lb 2oz jars I filled on Sunday…one for work, one for home. The one for work is empty, the one from home is at about half, but I’m never really home, so that’s not surprising. I have a 20 hour day today, so I just threw the home jar in my bag on the way out. That should be gone by the end of the day today. So, not bad progress-wise. When the second jar is finished, I’ll be 1/4 done with the big jar in less than a week.

Sambal Oelek update

A friend of mine is nagging me to post an update on the quest to eat a big ole 8.5 lb jar of Sambal Oelek in a month.

This past weekend I picked up an 8.5 lb jar of Sambal Oelek and decided I’d see if I could eat it in 30 days. I also had two empty 1lb 2oz jars that I filled, one for home and one for work.

I eat two meals a day at work…a catered crew lunch and then dinner I usually bring from home. After 3 days, this is the work jar.

So, not bad. The home jar is about half gone, too. That was just from Sunday. I’ll post a pic of that one later when I get home after the show.

Sambal Oelek!

I’ve eaten endless jars of this stuff over the years. At some point, a woman I used to date told me “it’s a condiment, not a sauce.” Not in my world.

So naturally I was quite excited to find this at a local bodega:


The mug is in there for scale. That bugger is 8.5 lbs! The smaller jars are two empties I’ve been saving because I was anticipating buying the big jar at some point. They’re a little over one pound each, one to bring to work and one for home so I don’t have to lug that big bastard out of the fridge every time I want to put some on my salad or broccoli or whatever.

Here’s what it looked like after I filled the jars:


So, I’m thinking a month, maybe a little more. Shit, I’ve eaten half of one of the smaller jars pictured in a day. We’ll see. I’m not a food blogger, but I might be persuaded to put some pics of stuff I eat along the way. You know, for documentation and science…